Abstract Drawings

On Line & On Gesture

These mixed media works feature some combination of oil paint, cold wax, powdered graphite, chalk pastel, and ink. They are primarily on heavy cotton paper, and occasionally on panel.

I call them drawings rather than paintings- though they all contain paint- as the initial emphasis is on mark making, and they develop more organically as a drawing might, rather than a layered, composed painting.

Click on thumbnails for full view of each piece.

Un-Intention Drawings

These works on paper include ink, chalk pastel, graphite and occasionally cold wax, and are the culmination of a series of marks I make before retiring for the night. I call them 'Un-Intentions' as I assign no specific intention or outcome to the initial process. 

I keep a wall mounted easel in my bedroom and exhale the day by moving media across paper, sometimes one mark, sometimes many. Some are successful, some are not, but that is not the goal. I am just starting up this ritual again, so stay tuned for more additions soon!

Small Studies in Cold Wax

These informal pieces are 9" x 12" or smaller, and are cold wax, oil and ink.